The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bulgaria-Korea (CCIBK) was established in 2014, under Bulgarian Law, as a non-governmental and non-profit organization and has its headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Chamber’s mission is to foster the trade and economic cooperation and synergies between Bulgarian and Korean businesses, to guarantee the economic interests of its members, and to ensure their representation in the relations with public and private entities. CCIBK is the first legally established mixed Chamber in Bulgaria, involving trade and economic relations between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Korea.

CCIBK is accomplishing its mission by exploring the conditions for bilateral trade and business cooperation, by informing its members about market opportunities, trends and technological progress in the two countries, etc. Furthermore, the Chamber fosters the expansion of investments and the establishment of mutually advantageous partnerships, such as the participation in common business and/or scientific projects, creation of joint-ventures, increase of the import/export flow and other valuable contractual relations that might arise.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bulgaria-Korea is a direct member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce an Industry (BCCI) and interacts with international non-governmental and governmental agencies and institutions. Additionally we do support the marketing, advertisement and other activities of our members, as we are looking forward to see them in the forefront. Please kindly refer to the other sections of the website in order to get introduced to CCIBK's activities, to get a summarized information about Bulgaria and South Korea or to learn how to fully exploit the potential offered by the EU-Korea Free Trade Agreement from 2011 onwards.

Organizational structure