Services & Activities

  Exchange and Cooperation

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bulgaria-Korea performs various actions in order to support the establishment of fruitful economic, trade and contractual relations between Bulgarian and Korean business entities. The CCIBK's members are involved in exchange and cooperation activities led by the Chamber, such as the participation in business meetings and seminars. They can also benefit from services, which may include information on joint project opportunities, business consulting, legal advisory and market consultation services, EU-Korea FTA follow-up and more. The Chamber has also adopted a specific methodology for company assessment in the event of change of ownership, reconstructuring, mergers and acquisitions. Herunder - a summarized and non-exhaustive list of the Chamber's services and instruments for exchange and cooperation.


One of the main instruments for cooperation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bulgaria-Korea is to organize conferences, symposia, experts' meetings and round tables on topics of interest of members and external stakeholders. The events include business meetings and contacts, exhibitions and company presentations. 


The information flow refers to opportunities for joint projects, to a follow-up of the implementation of the EU-Korea FTA, information about upcoming specialized exhibitions and trade fairs, etc. Furthermore, the Chamber may elaborate periodic and non-periodic publications, as well as reports upon request, whose aim is to respond to particular demands of members and non members, regarding relevant marketing, legal, economic and trade information.


Upon request, the Chamber renders market consultation services, investment advisory services, offers legal counselling and counselling on accounting, assists within relevant administrative procedures, renders also translation services, etc. - all tailored to the respective company's individual necessities.


The Chamber has an expertise in adopting methodologies for evaluation of companies in view of their restructuring during M&A. The Chamber also advertises the activities of business entities from both Bulgaria and South Korea, through its online portal and dispatching materials, dedicated events and promotional activities.


CCIBK has included in its working agenda the promotion of vocational training by organizing international courses, webinars and specialized training sessions for new skills and knowledge.

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